7 Deadly Sins of Process Improvement

I published my first article about "7 Deadly Sins of Process Improvement" way back in February 2010. Initially the idea came about as a response to a call for papers for the SEPG conference that year. The abstract only made it to "reserve" status and sadly no-one dropped out so I put it on the back burner where it has simmered over the last four years before the final instalment was served up in February of this year.

The series has proved fairly popular over the years, at least with my hardcore followers, but it is quite hard work trying to read the whole set of posts as they are separated by other random posts. So I decided to compile the eight posts and publish them as an ebook. This is partly altruistic - to make life easier for the reader, partly self-serving - I wanted to see how easy it was to produce an eBook and get it published, and partly egotistical - nothing beats seeing your own name in print!

7 Deadly Sins of Process Improvement - Ally Gill

So 7 Deadly Sins of Process Improvement is now freely available on the iBooks Store in 51 countries. You do need a Mac or an iPad to be able to download and read this version, but I am working on creating it in other formats for non-Apple users. For now though, I am happy to send out a PDF version if you send me your email address. Use the contact page using the subject "7DS Book" and check the “Request Copy of 7 Deadly Sins...” box and I'll send you a copy within 24 hours.

I will be updating the publication in the future and "subscribers" will automatically get the new version.

I hope you enjoy reading the end result as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks for you support!