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ALLYGILL.CO.UK is an independent consultancy specialising in the provision of Software Process Management and Improvement services to your enterprise, regardless of size, location or development lifecycle. Whilst CMMI remains the reference model of choice in many organisations, there is more to Software Process Improvement than CMMI, and we can help you create and manage the right process set for your specific software development and support environment which align to your business objectives.

By focusing on Software Process Management (SPM), we help businesses and organisations understand that sustained efforts are required to improve business outputs. We cannot rely on short term efforts to fix long term issues. The software industry needs to embrace SPM in the same way that we think about Business Process Management. Many Software Process Improvement efforts fail because they are only seen as one-off initiatives, and momentum is lost after the first round of success.

At ALLYGILL.CO.UK we not only look at the ’technical’ aspects of Software Process Management but concentrate as much on the ‘people’ side of change. It’s people who have to use processes so it is vital to think about the human requirements and how to manage these in order to facilitate successful business change.

NEW: 7 Deadly Sins of Process Improvement e-book has been published and has its own page

7 Deadly Sins of Process Improvement - Ally Gill

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