PROMISE - Process Management in Software Engineering
An Overview

PROMISE is designed to help organisations establish and maintain a software Process Management function. It has a focus on Infrastructure, People, and Activities (IPA), based around the ideas that People perform Activities, Infrastructure Supports People, and Underpins Activities. PROMISE is not a method or life cycle, and is certainly not another reference model. It is a collection of ideas, concepts, tools, resources and best practices to support and sustain the SPM function, based on twenty five years of experience in software development, project management, and quality and process management and improvement. PROMISE is aimed at both SPM practitioners and their managers and executives across the enterprise, regardless of size, process model, or development environment, and can be tailored to fit your own organisational requirements, i.e. it is non-prescriptive.

PROMISE consists of three key focus areas:
  • Infrastructure
  • People
  • Activities

PROMISE Overview

These are linked through the PROMISE lifecycle which operates consistently at both programme and project or sub-project levels, and is designed to integrate with existing corporate project management and change management methods. At the heart of the lifecycle is the IPCIM process (Identify Need, Perform Analysis, Create Solution, Implement Solution and Monitor Implementation.

PROMISE Lifecycle

An underlying theme running throughout PROMISE is that good software engineering disciplines and practices are as applicable to SPM activities as they are to software development. Key examples are requirements development and management, project control and management (including quality management), and configuration management.

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