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Using Agile Development Concepts to Help Manage Organisational Change (Part 2)

Whilst incremental and iterative development underpin Agile Development, and Whiteboards and Stand-up meetings are often seen as the public face of Agile, there are plenty of other ideas that we can bring into Organisational Change Management to help us do things better. But just before I get into the details, I want to make a clarification. This set of articles is built around the premise
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The Illusion of Agile - Are You Truly Agile?

Do you work in a truly agile organisation or is it just your department, or maybe only your immediate project that is displaying agile tendencies? If you answer with either of the latter two options then you are probably nowhere near as agile as you think you are and you are almost certainly nowhere near as agile as you would like to be or have the potential to be. I first got involved with agile
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