Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why Process Management and not Process Improvement ?
    In short, Process Management describes a whole range of activities including Planning and Management, Design, Implementation and Deployment, Control, Compliance and Assurance as well as Improvement. You could say that traditionally Process Improvement incorporates all these activities - so why call it Improvement ?

    More importantly however, Process Management indicates that a sustainable effort is required, whereas Improvement is usually associated with a one-off initiative and is often not sustained beyond the life of the initiative.
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  • Can I use Software Process Management in my CMMI programme ?
    Absolutely, although I would hope you have a Software Process Management programme rather than a CMMI programme! The concepts of SPM apply whatever reference model you are using, whether it be CMMI, ISO 9000, SPICE, ISO 15504, or a mixture of these.
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  • Does this mean that everything I know about SPI is now invalid ?
    Not at all. The skills and concepts you've picked up are still going to be appropriate in a Process Management environment, although there may be additional skills to learn. But leaders and managers will need to adopt SPM as a new way of thinking about process - as a long term strategic investment that needs commitment and support at all levels of the enterprise
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  • Where can I get more information about PROMISE ?
    PROMISE is a work in progress, but please contact us at for further information. We anticipate that PROMISE will be published into the public domain in the not too distant future.
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